Sleep Makes Things Better

Infusing life-changing sleep habits for a more hopeful future for our kids

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"If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit."  

~ Banksy

The health and mental well-being of youth today is our top priority.  Join the movement of  parents, progressive organizations,  school districts  and health professionals championing healthy sleep and it's direct link to a happier, healthier future.

Read how 

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Teacher and Student

Unlock your child's potential overnight. Find out how.


Families just like yours, are experiencing the enhanced benefits to emotional, physical and mental wellness through our inclusive, fun, culturally-sensitive , evidence-based and accessible sleep literacy and mental health  education.


Together with like-minded collaborations, we’ve been able to develop a modern and comprehensive model of support through books, talks, technology and shareable communication that inspire, enlighten and bring you closer to the people you love most. 

Dr. Smita Naidoo & Andrea J.Bell

We've taught thousands of kids how to sleep savvy and live happy. Your child can be next!

How you get involved 

...starting in your own backyard

The ZzzPower Sleep Program is BC’s first elementary school-focused initiative for school districts to champion the importance of healthy sleep and its direct link to learning and mental well-being.

 Our family-friendly book, The Quest for Rest: Polly & Pickles, makes changing your household's sleep habits and boosting mental health achievable, fun and easy.

Countless communities and health authorities are coming together to shape the conversation around youth mental health. Let's talk and collaborate. 


...inclusive, evidence-based, down-to-earth

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Dr.Naidoo & Andrea Bell
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Our introductory book, The Quest For Rest: Polly & Pickles, is a two-part story and sleep guide.


It teaches children the benefits of healthy sleep and empowers parents with proactive, science-based sleep solutions.


Find out more about our easy-to-use knowledge and practical day-to-day solutions.

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Paperclouds is Canada's first educational child and youth platform dedicated to using  sleep literacy as an entry point to better emotional, physical and mental well-being.

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