Paperclouds is dedicated to providing expert advice, recommending solutions, as well as fun, practical guides on healthy sleep for proactive organizations.

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Unlocking Children's Potential Overnight

Families just like yours are experiencing the benefits that healthy sleep provides their children.


Scientific and medical research shows the valuable impact of improved sleep on emotional, physical and mental wellness. Our evidence-based healthy sleep resources are available to parents, carers, communities, schools, and government organizations who want to support children with a fully engaged life.

~ Written by a Vancouver doctor-and-momprenuer-duo    


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The Quest for Rest:


The Quest for Rest offers much-needed help to children 4-8 years old, parents, teachers and health professionals alike.


The first section is an imaginative and delightfully illustrated story about Polly and her pet hedgehog, which motivates children to take the lead in making changes. The second section is for parents, teachers and health professionals. It dispels common myths, disseminates scientific evidence and provides practical tips about sleep.

A new approach that connects the dots between sleep and better mental health.

     – Dr. Jane Garland, M.D.,            F.R.C.P.C., Author of                  Taming Worry Dragons 


Meet the Founders

A psychiatrist and mom sat next to each other on a plane. A conversation about children, poor sleep habits, the critical effects it has on development, and struggling families took off.


At 30,000 feet in the air, a realization materialized. By the time the journey was complete an organization had landed that would grow to become Paperclouds.

Sleep Savvy. Live Happy.

Dr. Smita N. Naidoo


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Smita is a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist with a passion for merging clinical medicine and public health. She has a dedicated Private Practice serving both children and transition-aged youth (i.e. 16-24 years old) as well as providing Emergency Psychiatric Care in a tertiary setting. Smita completed her Psychiatry & Fellowship training at the University of British Columbia. When she's not in her hometown Vancouver, BC you'll find her off travelling the unbeaten-path.

Andrea J. Bell

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Andrea is an entrepreneur and health advocate with over a decade of experience, ranging from owning a Wellness Clinic to spearheading a National Corporate Health Sales Division. A mother of three and former professional ballroom dancer, Andrea lives in Vancouver, BC, where she—like Polly—often dances around her kitchen with the people she loves.

Meet our marvelous illustrator for The Quest for Rest

Alexandra Tatu

Alexandra studied graphics and illustration at George Enescu University of Arts. As an illustrator, she creates artwork for books, websites, ads and merchandise for a variety of clients and industries around the globe. Originally from Romania, she currently lives in Edinburgh, UK, and is obsessed with cute animals…especially Pickles.




Sleep Laboratory Medical Director

“ Sleep habits are, to a significant extent, learned behaviours. Early development and maintenance of a healthy sleep pattern helps to ensure children achieve their potential for physical and intellectual development and sets the foundation for healthy sleep in adult life. 


The Quest for Rest is a delightful book that is unique in explaining the importance of sleep to the young child in a fun and understandable way, while also informing and supporting parents in helping their children develop healthy sleep habits.”

– Dr. David Wensley, FRCPC
Medical Director of the Sleep Laboratory, BC Children’s Hospital

7 Year Old

“ Pickles is cute.”

-     Ada



Auntie to Sariah

“Top Sleep Book! Invaluable resource. Engaging, inventive way to teach kids the importance of sleep.  Plus provides a great resource for aunts like me who have a carload of nieces and nephews!”

-       E.Thampy


Doctor & Mom

 “With creativity and skill these authors have created a "must read" for kids and parents! Bed time will no longer be "dread time.”

-       S. Junaid, MD, FRCP(C)

 “My four-year old daughter and I both loved the story! And I really appreciated the evidence-based tips at the back of the book, since I've been so frustrated by all the contradictory advice about sleep online. The tips even helped me create healthier habits."

-       Adam K. Director – Provincial Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Perinatal Services BC

Director& Dad

Educator& Mom

"It’s a real epidemic. Polly’s problem rings with resounding truth. 


Teaching in today’s climate, students in a class can be found lethargically laying about even during the most dynamic lesson. The juxtaposition of Polly and Pickles is subtle yet perfectly illustrates one’s struggle against the other’s lively bounce. “

-       Jennifer Shaw-Jahour