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Kids connect the dots between learning, sleep, and mental health earlier than you think.  


Want to help children kick-start their education, well-being and navigate challenging times with less stress and more resilience? Together, we can—through the power of healthy sleep literacy. 


Armed with our actionable talks, a groundbreaking book, and Canada’s first K-2 sleep literacy program for schools, you can give the kids you care about the tools, tips, and confidence to sleep savvy and live happy.

~Dr. Naidoo & Andrea Bell 

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Poor sleep habits are known to have a detrimental impact on physical, emotional and academic functioning. During my three decades as a child psychiatrist, I have watched many children and parents struggle to change these entrenched sleep patterns. The Quest for Rest offers much-needed help by combining two books in one and motivates children to take the lead. 

This book is a key piece to solving the sleep puzzle.

Dr. Jane Garland, MD, FRCPC

Clinical Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry, University of British Columbia; author of Taming Worry Dragons

Discover a K-2 school program that changes lives

preventive & proactive mental health strategy


evidence-based and inclusive

Created by a teacher, doctor, and mom team

Who's behind all this awesomeness?

We’re a dynamic Canadian duo: a child & adolescent psychiatrist and a mompreneur. Together, we're high-energy mental health advocates partnering with organizations committed to making a positive change in the world. When it comes to your mental well-being needs, we've  got your back.


Explore a book that inspires kids to take the lead.

Kids get to be kids while they read this book and navigate what healthy sleep habits can look like. 

The Quest for Rest: Polly & Pickles makes changing your household's sleep habits seamless and boosting mental health achievable, fun, and easy.

Happy Children

Lean into expert advice in

uncertain times

How about a dynamic and inclusive deep dive into building mental resilience?


Book talks, speaking series, author readings, and workshops with Paperclouds founders Dr. Naidoo and Andrea Bell. 

Here's a taste of what we're talking about

Interactive, clever and important activities you can do with kids, curated by a psychiatrist-mom-teacher trio 

Kids love Pickles!

This groovy hedgehog speaks to youth and their grownups in an age-appropriate way that sticks.

Explore screen time to bedtime and after-school routine hacks

Created for busy Canadian kids, teachers, parents of all ages to try at home (or while carpooling to soccer).

Improve your sleep space

Carve out a smart sleep space that rocks and start the conversation early about sleep life skills.


Encourage your school to support healthy sleep for your children and community.

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