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Canada's first elementary school-focused initiative for school districts to champion the importance of healthy sleep and its direct link to learning and mental well-being.  

A refreshingly practical way for children to become fully engaged in their life.  This program was created 

 for  K–2 students by a teacher-doctor-mom team because we see the potential in all  kids.  


evidence-based and inclusive


Created by a teacher, doctor, and mom team

preventive & proactive mental health strategy

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Championing Sleep Literacy 

Our goal is that every child in our district would have The Quest for Rest: Polly & Pickles book in their hands as they pass through Kindergarten/Grade 1.

The Surrey School District is going to make the ZzzPower™ Program available to all of our elementary schools. We believe that educating K-2 kids and families about proper sleep patterns is a first step towards mental and physical health and well-being.  Unlike many programs that parents and families have to “buy into" ... ZzzPower™ looks to engage kids in something they do naturally every day—sleep!


Dr. Daniel To,

District Principal, Education Services, Surrey Schools


Sleep-focused strategies

for better health  

A refreshingly practical and science-based way to help children become fully engaged in their lives.

Kids need to learn to rest so they can be their best—and this low-cost, effective classroom initiative is the perfect stigma-free entry point to sleep literacy. The lessons require minimal preparation, easily slot into teachers’ schedules, and include at-home activities to ensure every student’s family supports their quest for rest!


The ZzzPower™ Program

  • aligns with BC curriculum

  • has been piloted and vetted in BC

  • is evidence-based and inclusive

  • amplifies existing SEL learning

  • is a preventive and proactive mental health strategy for schools

  • includes 4 turnkey lessons to drastically improve students’ sleep habits

  • was developed by a teacher-mom-doctor trio

  • is built around The Quest for Rest, a groundbreaking book on healthy sleep


Target audience: Kindergarten to Grade 2 students

​Length of program: 1 month

​Location: Province-wide 

The ZzzPower™ Program

New approaches in science and medicine have demonstrated that learning to sleep well is as valuable as learning to read and write. Through this program, children quickly absorb and understand how healthy sleep gives them an important power-up for their emotional, physical and mental development.

Understanding the ZzzPower™ Program

The one-month program is a concise and effective curriculum that can easily be adapted into quick, engaging lessons by school teachers. The bonus? It provides fun solutions for healthy sleep that children are enthusiastic about and can do in a few minutes each week at home. 

The ZzzPower™ Program Advantages

Improved sleep has been linked with ​

  • higher self-esteem

  • sharper memory

  • alleviated stress

  • reduced anxiety

  • better heart health

  • balanced mood

  • fewer sick days

  • better food habits

The ZzzPower™ School Kit Includes:

  • An evidence-based manual that consists of four units for K-2 children 

  • Enough copies of the book The Quest For Rest  for each child to take home for the duration of the program

  • Once-a-week at-home activities 

  • Helpful resources online

  • School certification:  ZzzPower™ Sleep Zone

  • Classroom wall poster: ZzzPower™ Song

  • A Pickles the Hedgehog stuffy (helps facilitate class discussions)

  • Support and mentorship for program duration​

  • Classroom launch tips and content-based activities 

Encourage your school to support healthy sleep for your children and community.

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