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We believe that easily accessible healthy sleep knowledge and solutions are a powerful entry point into the much-needed discussion on emotional, physical and mental wellness for Canadian families.


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Paperclouds was founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing together easily accessible knowledge and real family solutions for healthy sleep. Our comprehensive approach to healthy sleep provides books, talks and programs that educate, enlighten and offer proactive solutions with no previous understanding necessary about emotional, physical or mental health.

The ZzzPower™ Sleep Program


This is our elementary student-focused curriculum for schools and teachers who believe in the importance of healthy sleep to support their students' wellness. Our program has successfully run in the Surrey School District since February 2019.



Our introductory book, The Quest for Rest, is a two-part story and sleep guide. It teaches children the benefits of healthy sleep and empowers parents with practical, science-based sleep solutions.

The Quest for Rest Book



We partner with experts to further develop the most effective approaches to healthy sleep for families and communities. Our collaboration with clinical psychologists provides data and underpins the impact of our healthy sleep solutions in BC schools.

Power Sleep

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Paperclouds is Canada's first educational child and youth platform dedicated to using  sleep literacy as an entry point to better emotional, physical and mental well-being.

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