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Image by Gabriel Santiago

It all begin with our heads in the clouds

A psychiatrist and mom sat next to each other on a plane. A conversation about children, poor sleep habits, the critical effects these have on development, and struggling families took off. At 30,000 feet in the air, a realization materialized. By the time the journey was complete, an organization had landed that would grow to become Paperclouds.

Dr.Naidoo & Andrea Bell

meet the founders

Backed by decades of research gathered by clinical child psychiatrist Dr. Smita Naidoo and co-created by mompreneur and wellness advocate Andrea Bell, Paperclouds' work has been verified by thousands of families. The Quest for Rest: Polly & Pickles  and The ZzzPower Sleep Program are the first health resources, the first products, the ground floor of our grassroots Canadian sleep literacy platform.


Corporations, schools, hospitals, and countless communities are desperately looking for ways to come together to solve the growing sleep deprivation and mental well-being crisis. Paperclouds exists to facilitate this critical conversation.


Every child and family deserves the benefits

of healthy sleep for their emotional, physical

and mental wellness.


Make expert knowledge on healthy sleep easily accessible and understandable to families and communities through books, talks, programs, technology and shareable experiences.


"Our aim is to fill a gap in health education, capturing those children who are struggling with mental health issues prior to reaching a clinical diagnosis. We want to provide every family with a book that is easy to access, inclusive, innovative, and validated by physicians."

                             - Dr. Smita N. Naidoo 



Dr. Smita N.Naidoo, MD, FRCPC, MPH

"We all need sleep. We’re teaching people how to do it with purpose so they enjoy all the benefits of being fully engaged in their lives."



Smita N. Naidoo is a Doctor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at The Foundry-Ridge Meadows in Maple Ridge, Private Practice- Three Story Clinic, Vancouver, Clinical Faculty at The University of British Columbia and co-founder of Paperclouds. Her Masters in Public Health along with a background in clinical medicine has always fueled her enthusiasm for providing well-researched knowledge and practical solutions for societal health awareness and education on the values of healthy sleep.

Andrea J. Bell 

"Our ZzzPower Sleep Program and The Quest for Rest  book are the most important contributions Paperclouds has made towards educating communities about the advantages of healthy sleep  for children and families."



Andrea J. Bell is the co-founder of Paperclouds and has spent over a decade directly involved with people and their health service needs. Leading national corporate wellness initiatives and advocating community health awareness transformed her into an entrepreneur-mom who empowers families with healthy sleep knowledge and solutions.

Alexandra Tatu

Meet our marvelous illustrator for The Quest for Rest 



Alexandra studied graphics and illustration at George Enescu University of Arts. As an illustrator, she creates artwork for books, websites, ads, and merchandise for a variety of clients and industries around the globe. Originally from Romania, she currently lives in Edinburgh, UK, and is obsessed with cute animals…especially Pickles.

Paperclouds is dedicated to providing expert advice, recommending solutions, and creating fun, practical guides on healthy sleep for happier families.

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